Sunday, August 23, 2015

Outreach Season 2015

     This year I served with Samaria Mission during their outreach season. I helped cook for all the teams, as well as move and set up camp. It was a wonderful experience! Here is a little bit about each village we went to.

Mbeti - North Carolina Team

     The first team I served with was form North Carolina. We worked in the village of Mbeti in Mozambique. The church in this village is fairly new, so there was a smaller group of people at all the ministries. The Lord did a lot of work in the village through visitations and the different ministries. The team was wonderful to work with and worked very hard.

Christ Baptist Church - Mbuzi

The second team I worked with was a South African team. They are actually from the church I attend here in Polokwane. It was so special to get to work alongside my church family and share in the work The Lord did through them. Because of changes at the border, the American team that was going to join us was not able to get into Mozambique. The CBC team stepped up and filled the ministry spots that the other team was going to be in charge of. We saw several people come to Christ on hut-to-hut visits and had a large group of women and children attend the ministry times. We were also able to do a lot of practical ministry. The team successfully drilled a water well and helped to rebuild the roof for the church. The CBC team served in this same village the year before and were very encouraged by the growth of the church. The Lord is at work in Mbuzi.

Trinity Baptist Church - Makumeke

The third team I worked with was from Trinity Baptist in Florida. The second half of outreach was done in South Africa due to the changes at the border, so we worked in Makumeke, South Africa. When we arrived in the village, we were told that the people's hearts were extremely hard toward the gospel. There had been several pastors that had tried to grow this new church plant, but had seen little results. The team was eager to get going and worked hard to visit as many people in the area that they could. We were blessed to see a number of people come to Christ and the church multiply. The current pastor could not believe the number of people coming to ministry and church in the evening. He praised God for the work he did and was so thankful to that the team was able to come to his village. This team was truly blessed to be able to reap the harvest The Lord had prepared.

Northlake - Xigalo

The last team that I worked with was the Northlake team from May, Texas. They served in Xigalo, South Africa. Because of Cait moving back to the States, I wasn't able to be with the team for the whole outreach, but I did get to spend a few days with them. Practical ministry was the main focus of this team. They drilled several wells, completed construction on the church building, and help add a carport to the house of one of the pastors in the area. They also did a children's ministry in Xigalo, as well as another village close by. This team came to work and accomplished a lot!

     Outreach season is always an exciting and special time for Samaria Mission. I am so grateful to have been able to experience it and see all the amazing things The Lord did over those several months.

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